The Rebuild

When a billion-dollar company ceases to have a solid customer service structure when these things happen, you’re stuck out . . . and that’s me, I’m stuck out (nice to meet you).

I know it’s been a while (LONG WHILE) since I’ve updated my portfolio, and it’s been even longer since I’ve cleared all of my spam comments on Deelishis’ post (don’t ask, but it’s 10’s of thousands). This blog post is more of a notification that I’ve updated the portfolio section of my site, as well as a pending sale coming for Scorpio Season. I love celebrating my bornday with the world, even though 99.9% of it doesn’t even care or know LOL. I’ve attached a video (IG reel) and 2 teaser pics from the updates, head over to my portfolio for the real treats. (I promise that wasn’t a  Halloween pun, nor will you be disappointed in what you find.

I titled this post “The Rebuild” due to the fact that I’ve lost my personal and business Facebook pages to hackers who’ve managed to lock me out of my own accounts. That was hard to deal with because I had just lost my Grandmother and both of my beautiful great aunts in less than a month’s time, and the only images I had of either of them were on my original Facebook accounts. At this point, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk. When a billion-dollar company ceases to have a solid customer service structure when these things happen, you’re stuck out . . . and that’s me, I’m stuck out (nice to meet you). Below are the links to my social media, follow me! Even if you don’t care to keep up with my day-to-day ongoings of creativity and nonsense, just have a heart, will ya?

Personal Facebook

Business Facebook


Virtual Photography

Photography as a word sounds so simple, doesn’t it? You get a camera, take some pics and maybe even edit them to put your own creative touch to whatever you shoot. That would seem easy, if that were truly IT. Before my 10 year tenure in this industry, I heavily enjoyed 3d abstract work as well as video gaming as either a creative outlet or hobby of cultural sorts. Today, I find myself pressing not only a shutter, but the “share button” as well to capture and create images.

So, what am I saying? Possibly nothing too major right now, but if my gut serves me right, virtual photography will serve as a marketable, creative photography sub-industry that will support a title’s longevity beyond end of life. However, I’m not here to convince anyone of how great of a business it is or could be, I just wanted to prep you for the work I’m going to be sharing here on my blog.

Social media is a HUGE, fast paced place and sharing the same images that you can find on Instagram and Facebook here feels highly redundant. I find it best to repurpose my blog for both real life and virtual photography. As of now, my virtual work is captured on my Playstation 4 Pro. I own and use a HP Omen for light game and heavy work, however, there are a few titles that I would like to run on my laptop for VP captures one day . . . ONE DAY.

You: Okay, Hud . . . where is all of this going?

Me: I mean . . .


As an artist (or maybe even a photographer), there comes a time when you realize that you have celebrities and icons that you would love to either represent or be represented in your work… way back (I mean WAY) when rye candy modeling was making it’s debut through the online world, I recall focusing my eyes on Deelishis as London Charles with Eye Candy Models . . . later she’d grace the screen as her popular handle Deelishis and for her, I’m sure things couldn’t have been better going forward. This is something I hold tight within my memories because through my client, I would not only have the opportunity to meet her, I would also have the pleasure of capturing her as well.

These images were effectively withheld from social media to provide the client exclusivity and were soon buried under gigabytes of images in the years soon to come. Christmas is coming early, but late at the same time . . . enjoy you little baddies!