2016, a year of true struggle and a definite test of my grit of not only a person . . . but a professional, an artist. No use in going into detail, but I would like to focus attention toward work developed by a return client that didn’t get as much love as I thought it should. It’s true that not many will see your vision or understand your approach to things, but the reality of it all is that no one needs to. Being an individual in today’s world is hard because “they” will rather you fall in-line and be a part of a number and not an entity. The photos being featured in the post where done with a classic, Hollywood glamour goal in mind. Although it was executed well, I’m also inclined to believe that these came before their time. The ‘throwback’ feel of Hollywood was not a thing of popularity in 2016, however, art never dies and 2018 feels like a good year.

  • Client: Shear Shiba

  • Model: Neadra LaShay

  • Photo and Retouch: Alex Hudson Photography