As an artist (or maybe even a photographer), there comes a time when you realize that you have celebrities and icons that you would love to either represent or be represented in your work… way back (I mean WAY) when rye candy modeling was making it’s debut through the online world, I recall focusing my eyes on Deelishis as London Charles with Eye Candy Models . . . later she’d grace the screen as her popular handle Deelishis and for her, I’m sure things couldn’t have been better going forward. This is something I hold tight within my memories because through my client, I would not only have the opportunity to meet her, I would also have the pleasure of capturing her as well.

These images were effectively withheld from social media to provide the client exclusivity and were soon buried under gigabytes of images in the years soon to come. Christmas is coming early, but late at the same time . . . enjoy you little baddies!